ODAC Purpose and Values


Athletic opportunities at the Division III level provide positive educational outcomes and growth for participants, as well as other valuable benefits for member institutions and communities. The Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) exists to provide a framework for realizing these opportunities through athletic competition, guided by our commitment to shared values and bounded by the educational missions and institutional identities of the respective members. Together, member institutions strive to foster a climate of excellence and integrity in the conduct of their athletic programs.


Together, we are committed to:

1. Upholding the centrality of the academic mission of our member institutions 

  • emphasizing that academic priorities clearly guide each institution
  • providing athletic opportunities that complement the broader educational experience
  • implementing practical scheduling strategies to minimize missed class time and costs
  • supporting normal academic progress toward a degree and post-baccalaureate study if applicable.  

2. Enhancing the quality of the student-athlete experience

  • inviting intensity with civility; the highest levels of athleticism within ethical boundaries
  • cultivating positive leadership on campus and role modeling in the community
  • emphasizing positive character development
  • nurturing healthy school loyalty, with spirited but wholesome rivalries within the conference
  • expecting competitive integrity among players, coaches, support staff and spectators

3. Encouraging broad-based programs rather than competitive extremes

  • including equity of opportunity among the genders and across the sports
  • encouraging multiple-sport sponsorship, rather than single-sport membership
  • making a wide range of participation opportunities available to all students
  • limiting non-traditional season involvements  

4. Maintaining competitive equity within the conference

  • involving private institutions, in geographic proximity to each other
  • emphasizing round-robin conference competition and excellence within the league, with national prominence a by-product rather than a primary emphasis
  • providing an efficient and effective conference administrative structure