Quakers Administration and Support Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dr. Kyle Farmbry
336-316-2142 president@guilford.edu
Bill Foti
Director of Athletics
336-316-2190 wfoti@guilford.edu
Emily Gann
Assistant Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator
336-316-2405 ganneh@guilford.edu
Ray Babnik
Head Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer
845-721-4836 rbabnik@guilford.edu
Kim Kleimeier
NCAA Compliance Coordinator
336-316-2328 kleimeierk@guilford.edu
Will Pizio
Faculty Athletic Representative
336-316-2418 wpizio@guilford.edu
RJ Leisie
Director of Athletic Communications
336-316-2198 rleisie@guilford.edu
Kim Kleimeier
Athletics Diversity & Inclusion Designee
336-316-2328 kleimeierk@guilford.edu
Heather Roberts
Assistant to the Athletic Director/Budget Manager
336-316-2190 langstonha@guilford.edu

Quakers Coaching Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Zach Booker
Baseball - Head Coach
336-316-2161 bookerzs@guilford.edu
Tom Palombo
Basketball (M) - Head Coach
336-316-2190 tpalombo@guilford.edu
Sarah Mathews
Basketball (W) - Head Coach
336-905-0308 smathews@guilford.edu
Marty Owens
Cross Country (M/W) - Head Coach
336-316-2160 owensmj@guilford.edu
Brad Davis
Football - Head Coach
336-316-2195 davisbs@guilford.edu
Adam Crawford
Golf (M) - Head Coach
336-316-2157 crawfordad@guilford.edu
Mark Frey
Lacrosse (M) - Head Coach
336-316-2189 mfrey@guilford.edu
Jordan Bowers
Lacrosse (W) - Head Coach
336-316-2161 jclodfel@guilford.edu
Mike Bair
Soccer (M) - Head Coach
336-316-2190 mbair@guilford.edu
Justin Maullin
Soccer (W) - Head Coach
336-316-2375 jmaullin@guilford.edu
Dennis Shores
Softball - Head Coach
336-316-2247 shoresdw@guilford.edu
Brad Herndon
Swimming (W) - Head Coach
336-316-2187 herndonbf@guilford.edu
Dave McCain
Tennis (M) - Head Coach
336-340-2656 mccaindl@guilford.edu
Kim Kleimeier
Tennis (W) - Head Coach
336-316-2328 kleimeierk@guilford.edu
Marty Owens
Track (M/W) - Head Coach
336-316-2160 owensmj@guilford.edu
Emily Gann
Volleyball - Head Coach
336-316-2405 ganneh@guilford.edu