Tigers Administration and Support Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dr. Larry Stimpert
434-223-6110 lstimpert@hsc.edu
Chad Eisele
Athletics Director
434-223-6153 ceisele@hsc.edu
Greg Prouty
Director of Athletics Media Relations
434-223-6156 gprouty@hsc.edu
Alison Cameron
Head Athletic Trainer/NCAA Athletics Health Care Administrator
434-223-6237 acameron@hsc.edu
Krista Jacobs
Senior Athletics Secretary
434-223-6151 kjacobs@hsc.edu
Saranna Thornton
Faculty Athletic Representative
434-223-6253 sthornton@hsc.edu

Tigers Coaching Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jeff Kinne
Baseball - Head Coach
434-223-6981 jkinne@hsc.edu
Caleb Kimbrough
Basketball - Head Coach
434-223-6160 ckimbrough@hsc.edu
Matt Griswold
Cross Country - Head Coach
434-223-7271 mgriswold@hsc.edu
Marty Favret
Football - Head Coach
434-223-6256 mfavret@hsc.edu
Chad Eisele
Golf - Head Coach
434-223-6153 ceisele@hsc.edu
Jason Rostan
Lacrosse - Head Coach
434-223-6158 jrostan@hsc.edu
Tommy DiNuzzo
Soccer - Head Coach
434-223-6290 tdinuzzo@hsc.edu
Betsy Leonard
Swimming - Head Coach
434-223-7221 eprengaman@hsc.edu
Byron Balkin
Tennis - Head Coach
434-395-0082 bbalkin@hsc.edu