Eagles Administration and Support Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dr. David Bushman
540-828-5605 dbushman@bridgewater.edu
Curt Kendall
Athletics Director
540-828-5407 ckendall@bridgewater.edu
Heather Grant
Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine and Performance/Compliance/SWA
540-828-5368 hgrant@bridgewater.edu
Jimmy McCumber
Asst. AD for Athletic Media Relations, Game Day Ops, and Fundraising
540-828-5615 jmccumber@bridgewater.edu
Steve Cox
Assoc. Director of Athletic Media Relations
540-828-5360 scox@bridgewater.edu
Lynn Walsh
Asst. Director of Athletic Media Relations
540-828-8082 lwalsh@bridgewater.edu
Roy Ferguson
NCAA Athletics Health Care Administrator
540-828-5307 rferguso@bridgewater.edu
Dr. James Bowling
Faculty Athletic Representative
540-828-5474 jbowling@bridgewater.edu
Ginger Patterson
Athletics Business Operations Manager
540-515-3799 gpatters@bridgewater.edu
Virginia Fulginiti
Administrative Assistant
540-828-5476 vfulginiti@bridgewater.edu

Eagles Coaching Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Ben Spotts
Baseball - Head Coach
540-828-5381 bspotts@bridgewater.edu
Steven Enright
Basketball (M) - Head Coach
540-828-5403 senright@bridgewater.edu
Sarah Mathews
Basketball (W) - Head Coach
540-828-5400 sgaffney@bridgewater.edu
Denver Davis
Cross Country (M/W) - Head Coach
540-828-5682 ddavis@bridgewater.edu
Allyson Kenyon
Field Hockey - Head Coach
540-828-5784 akenyon@bridgewater.edu
Michael Clark
Football - Head Coach
540-828-5406 mclark@bridgewater.edu
John Rogers
Golf (M/W) - Head Coach
540-828-8023 jrogers@bridgewater.edu
Mic Grant
Lacrosse (M) - Head Coach
540-828-8020 wgrant@bridgewater.edu
Rachael Bragg
Lacrosse (W) - Head Coach
540-828-8006 rbragg@bridgewater.edu
Jerry Schurink
Riding - Head Coach
540-515-3764 hschurin@bridgewater.edu
Ryan Bennison
Soccer (M) - Head Coach
540-828-5756 rbenniso@bridgewater.edu
Mike Van Horn
Soccer (W) - Head Coach
540-828-5409 mvanhorn@bridgewater.edu
Megan Pleskovic
Softball - Head Coach
540-828-5390 mpleskovic@bridgewater.edu
Gwynn Harrison
Swimming (M/W) - Head Coach
540-828-5464 gharrison@bridgewater.edu
Jordon Robinson
Tennis (M/W) - Head Coach
540-828-3770 jtrobins@bridgewater.edu
Shane Stevens
Track (M/W) - Head Coach
540-828-5419 sstevens@bridgewater.edu
Erin Harris
Volleyball - Head Coach
540-828-5401 eharris@bridgewater.edu